Laura Salonga

Industry Relations; Internal Strategy & Operations

Laura blends her global experiences in technology, healthcare, and humanitarian aid to foster transformative change. Her journey from volunteering in rural Thailand to managing humanitarian aid across Southeast Asia has shaped her into a versatile leader, adept at navigating diverse cultural landscapes and complex challenges. At DeepGEO, Laura leverages her background, particularly her insights as a product management leader at athenahealth, to deepen industry relationships and advocate for intuitive, user-centered solutions. Her professional ethos, rooted in collective intelligence and empathetic leadership, aligns with DeepGEO’s values.

In her role, Laura is a catalyst for internal cultural dynamics and external industry connections, ensuring that DeepGEO’s strategies are resilient, inspiring, and aligned with global sustainability goals. Her approach, marked by a commitment to innovation and empathetic communication, is not just a professional stance but a reflection of her life’s dedication to making a difference in the world, connecting communities, and driving positive change.