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Electricity from nuclear energy is the power source of the future. Nuclear waste is a natural bi-product. It can be handled and transported safely. But it needs to be stored in deep geological repositories. That’s the mission of Deep GEO. We are an international catalyst for developing and managing underground nuclear waste repositories. We are proud to provide this invaluable, environmentally-responsible service for every country that needs it.

FACT: Deep GEO is a key player in the global clean energy economy, supporting effective use of all clean and renewable energy sources.

Deep GEO Solutions: Nuclear energy generation is growing and will provide base load energy to support solar, wind and other intermittent carbon free energy sources.

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FACT: Deep GEO is built for big jobs: There are half a million metric tons of nuclear waste in the world today – most stored in temporary facilities.

Deep GEO Safety: Above-ground nuclear waste storage is safe but temporary. A long-term solution is needed. Deep GEO’s tunnels will be built in dry and stable bedrock up to a kilometer deep. At that depth, nuclear waste can be safely stored for 100,000+ years.

FACT: Deep GEO is ideal for countries that cannot dispose of nuclear waste because of unsuitable geology or insufficient volume.

Deep GEO Multinational Capability: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) determined that deep geological multinational storage sites are the best long term solution for nuclear waste. With project locations around the world, Deep GEO is the first, and to our knowledge the ONLY corporation ready to partner with multinational clients.

FACT: Deep GEO will establish a co-managed investment trust fund for communities who host nuclear waste storage sites.

Deep GEO Partnerships: An investment trust fund will be established to create social, economic and environmental benefits for the community. In addition, every community that hosts a nuclear storage site will have access to a charitable giving fund for purposes of community wellness.

“We’re in it for the long haul. Deep GEO is making a multicentury commitment to partner countries and communities.”

– Deep GEO Member of the Board of Directors

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