Peter Murphy

SIte Operations, Finance & Business Development

Peter epitomizes the art of transforming visionary ideas into tangible success stories. His successful background in real estate development and environmental intelligence is a testament to his exceptional ability to scale businesses from the ground up. Peter's leadership has been crucial in the evolution of a major environmental intelligence company, guiding it from its nascent stages to a 1.6-billion-dollar enterprise. This journey is marked by his proactive stance in environmental disaster response and green energy sectors, underscoring his commitment to sustainable development.

In his role at DeepGEO, Peter oversees and assists management teams across multiple regions, including Labrador, Ghana, and Somaliland. He is also a strategic leader in business development for DeepGEO. With an academic foundation in Economics and Business, Peter brings a nuanced understanding of complex global dynamics to the table. His vision for DeepGEO transcends conventional business objectives, focusing on fostering a collaborative environment that leverages the collective strengths of the team. Peter envisions DeepGEO as a catalyst for positive global change, driven by the unison of expertise and passion to usher in a new era of clean energy and environmental responsibility.