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Jim Loquai

Board Member & Investor Relations

Jim Loquai, a board member of DeepGEO, brings over two decades of executive business expertise to the table, marked by a strong foundation in project planning and management, financial planning, and investment advisor services. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from Mankato State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Economics, and IT, Jim’s academic excellence set the stage for his remarkable career trajectory. Before joining a regional financial planning and investment advisory services firm as its Managing Partner, he demonstrated his leadership capabilities as a Senior Vice President at ACS, Inc., a Fortune 500 company now part of Xerox, Inc. This role underscored his proficiency in managing the development and deployment of complex systems, skills crucial to navigating the multifaceted challenges at DeepGEO.

At DeepGEO, Jim’s role extends beyond typical Board responsibilities; he infuses his strategic insights and compliance acumen into the organization’s fabric. His keen understanding of business dynamics, project management and information technology, combined with his experience in financial management and regulatory compliance, is vital for DeepGEO’s endeavors in sustainable energy.