Faysel Ali

Government & Community Relations, Somaliland

Faysel Ali, as the Managing Director of DeepGEO in the Somaliland/East Africa region, embodies the essence of community empowerment and environmental stewardship. His career, marked by diverse leadership roles from the Faribault Diversity Coalition to city planning commissioner, reflects a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, equity, and social justice. Faysel’s approach to bridging community gaps and fostering unity is a testament to his deep understanding of the complexities and potential of diverse communities, an understanding he now applies in Somaliland.

At DeepGEO, Faysel’s role is multifaceted, deeply intertwined with his commitment to sustainable development and societal impact. He is passionate about DeepGEO Trust Fund initiative, which if realised will revitalize Somaliland’s infrastructure and uplift its communities, particularly through the sustainable development of the fishing industry. Faysel’s leadership style is characterized by empathy and a profound respect for cultural diversity. It is further enhanced by his fluency in Somali, Swahili, and English, which enables him to connect with and inspire a broad audience. Faysel’s vision for DeepGEO in Somaliland/East Africa is not just about environmental sustainability but also about nurturing a resilient, united, and economically vibrant community.