Brent Urbach

Strategy & Investor Relations

As a DeepGEO advisor, Brent L. Urbach merges his extensive experience in information technology and financial advising to provide strategic oversight and innovative insights. Graduating from Moorhead State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems, Brent’s career took a pivotal turn from IT consulting to finance, a transition fueled by his interest in investments and people-centric service. As a Partner in a wealth management firm, he has shown a steadfast commitment to ethical investment strategies and client-first philosophy, qualities that he brings to his role at DeepGEO.

In his position at DeepGEO, Brent plays a vital role in aligning the company’s strategies with sustainable and ethical financial practices. His experience in managing technology automation solutions and health operations automation gives him a unique perspective on the interplay between technology and finance in driving responsible business growth. His vision for DeepGEO is to leverage these insights to enhance the company’s environmental and community initiatives, ensuring that their growth is sustainable and impactful. Outside his professional life, Brent is a family man who enjoys outdoor activities like biking and fishing.